Family Law


We understand that couples enter into marriage with the firm belief that the relationship will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, in many cases, marriages do not last and every member of the family unit is affected. As experts in Family Law, we help clients anticipate and plan for short and long-term consequences of those decisions.

Guardian, Parental Responsibilities and Parenting Time

At Marie Morrison Law, our family law experts assists clients with child custody and access issues. Negotiating an agreement that works for all parties involved can be challenging, especially since each parent usually wants to see his or her children as often as possible. Throughout this process, we help each client preserve a relationship with his or her ex-spouse that will allow them to cooperate and work together to co-parent their children.

We develop plans for each parent’s custodial time. We take pride in, protecting our clients’ wishes and interests.Once a custody agreement is established, we are able to help clients enforce those agreements or modify them as needed.

Child Support

Our Family Lawyers have extensive experience negotiating and litigating child support arrangements, helping clients accurately convey the needs of their children and determine each parent’s appropriate income. Our goal in child support matters is to help our clients develop plans that will provide their children the resources and support they need from both parents. We work within each provinces specific guidelines to help determine the adequate levels of child support.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Our family law team aggressively pursues all reasonable means to achieve our clients’ objectives. Our experience in alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, often leads to successful resolution divorce or custody disputes outside of court.

Collaboration is an alternate avenue for resolving divorce and custody matters. When necessary, however, we are always prepared to seek judicial relief on our clients’ behalf. We are regularly in court to pursue our clients best interests.

We have many years of experience appearing before BC provincial court and Supreme Court and can effectively and efficiently pursue clients’ interests in any of these venues. We pride ourselves on being transparent throughout the litigation process and discuss the best solution for each of our clients’ individual needs.